Thursday, January 27, 2011

25 weeks update and absolutely buggered!

Today officially marks the start of the 25th week of gestation with my babies and I am feeling rather strained, physically.

For starters, I have been told that my blood volume has increased by 30%, no wonder, my heart is working harder as usual and hence, I am breatheless for a slightly longer period of time after walking up a slight hill towards my office.

To put it simply, I am feeling buggered. My energy levels from 4 weeks ago have certainly diminished today and find myself retiring to bed when I get home from work for about an hour before I am able to get dinner together. Wow! There must be a lot of activity happenin within me that I am unable to fathom, yet! This body of mine is incredible, to state the least!

Here I am in the office, about 12 days of work left before I retire and resume my place as full-time incubator...

I look forward to having my babies in my arms and start my new chapter as mummy..however, not too soon please. I would love them to grow in me for as long as possible, preferably till end April, with the hope that when I leave the hospital, they can come home with us.

Friday, January 21, 2011

24 weeks, 1 day

Wow! Yesterday was the start of my 6th month and I continue to marvel at this miraculous development thriving within my body. There's certainly no denying that I am pregnant because I physically look it and trust me, I feel it!

I love checking out my pregnant belly whenever possible and am particularly in love with my children nestle in it. I still cannot believe I am a mother of twins! Two beautiful children that I have been dreaming, wishing and hoping for. 

Thank you God for blessing me so abundantly.

Monday, January 17, 2011

23 weeks, 4 days

Due to the unprecedented floods in Queensland last week, we were unable to go to the office from Wednesday to Friday. Coincidentally, IKEA sent us notification that the wardrobe organisers have arrived! Yipppeee...why not be productive since we are home-bound?

A fortnight earlier, we had purchased a white change table from the same place and have yet put it up. Armed with our newly acquired wardrobe organisers, we got down on our hands and knees (more so Jared) while I supervised (!!!) to assemble the flat packs.

Once they were assembled, I did what I do best - organisation! I have placed all the baby clothes that we have acquired from friends into their separate catergories (everyday, going out, winter, pjs, etc) - one 6 basket organiser for the boy and another one 6 basket organiser for the girl.

The next day, I spent a few hours at Carindale Shopping Centre checking out baby clothes and bought a few pieces for our daughter because the clothes we have been given so far are for boys. I was mindful not to go over-the-top because we know how fast they grow and we will also be receiving heaps more as times goes by.

We are well-please with what we have achieved thus far. Bit by bit, the nursery will stop resembling that of a bits-and-pieces room and one that will be comfortable and cosy for our children.

Last night while laying in bed with a book, our daughter did a most peculiar thing. She did a full on somersault because I could feel a hard limb against the upper abdomen! It's wonderful! Her first full on movement!

I love feeling the pokes from both my children and look forward to many more.

Monday, January 10, 2011

22 weeks, 4 days

Another week, another milestone.

On the weekend, we attended a very informative Multiples Birth class conducted by a Midwife who has had 2 sets of twins (talk about credibility!) at the Mater Women's Hospital. It was a full class with at least 10 couples and the 3 hour long session could certainly be stretched out to 6 hours because there was just so much information!

It was lovely being in the same room with other couples who are expecting twins. Many of whom conceived via IVF and no doubt we all have been on a similar journey to get to where we are.

I have read much about breastfeeding two babies at once and it's great to be given a demonstration with a fully clothed midwife - it is definitely possible with the aid of a great feeding pillow that not only supports the mother's back and also enables her to have both children with her at the same time! We are so getting that pillow!

In addition to the practicals and strategies on coping with twins including avoiding eye contact with strangers in public places if you want to get the shopping over and done with to putting on easy listening music in the nursery so that babies are used to noises, we were also given a tour of the nursery.

It was a lovely floor that can take up to a maximum of 90 babies at any one time. It was heartening to see how personal those spaces or 'pods' are. They are about 8 cots to each pod and each cot has 2 recliners which allows mums and dads to spend time 'kangeroo cuddling' or feeding their baby(ies). I was teary a few times when I saw more hands-on the dads were! It's wonderful that hands-on parenting from dads are now a common sight and no longer a stigma like in the past.

Today, I went to see my Gestational Diabetes Doctor and she was very assuring and encouraging about my progress. I stepped on the scales and in the 8 weeks since I first saw her, I have put on 3kg. She is very please with that because as she rightfully pointed out. I am overweight pre-pregnancy - to have lost 6kg in first trimester and only put on 3kg so far, is NEUTRAL weight gain and absolutely perfect for someone like me. The babies are growing on track with their gestational age so all is good.

I am relief and very grateful. Bring on more pokes, babies!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

21 weeks, 6 days

Today is my last day of week 21 and so far it has been brilliant. I have felt pokes from both children and my daughter is certainly the more active child as oppose to my son who is quite content just laying still and conserving his energy. This was confirmed by the Obstetrician yesterday when I saw him for the routine monthly check up.

It never ceases to amaze me that I am nurturing two little beings in me and they are thriving! I feel so bless to be part of this journey and what a priviledge to be their mummy too!

My tummy is a tight little package and my weight gain has only been 2kg so far. When I voiced my concern to the Obstetrician, he teased me and said,

"How much bigger do you want to be? You are only 5 ft 1 inch.
Look at Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (who is due to give birth to twins this week), she's tall and her tummy is about your size!"

Okay, he's right, as usual. I shall stop worrying and continue to enjoy this pregnancy knowing that both my children are growing on track and that I am a healthy mummy to be.