Thursday, February 24, 2011

29 weeks of Gestation and 7 more weeks before birth!

Yippeee!!! 29 weeks as of today and both babies are growing well and active! In fact, the boy is more active than the girl - perhaps, he's got my hyper gene afterall!

The 3D scans were very interesting because we can kinda make out their features - one thing for certain, they are both very cute, sport chubby cheeks and have long feet! The girl has gorgeous delicate features such as a define nose (like her dad) and the boy has a flat squishy chinese nose like mine!

Regardless, they are both healthy, active and well - all parents desire that.

When I asked the Obstetrician this weeks at our fortnightly appointment when he anticipates their arrival, he looks at me - looks at the chart and unceremoniously declares, "At 36 weeks!" I sat dumbfounded because I have always been of the view that 38 weeks is full-term for twins. Oh well, he knows what he's doing and so far, he has been SPOT ON with my progress.

Am I nervous about labour? Yes and No.

Yes because of the pain and the unknown however I am assured that the medical team will know what they re doing and I am afterall, giving birth at one of Brisbane's leading hospitals which prides itself on having all the mod cons and also I have been there on two separate occassions for other surgeries and both times, I have been so well looked after.

No because it is part of pregnancy and I have been looking forward to motherhood.

I believe all parents will attest that labour is the easy part, it is the nurturing and upbringing of the child or in this case, children that will be the hardest on so many levels and I am looking forward to it.

Please GOD, let me have easy children who will obey my every word!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

28 weeks and 2.2kgs worth of babies

Valentine's Day this year was particularly special for us because we had an in-depth scan at 27 weeks 4 days.

Once again, it was marvellous to see our children on the screen - grateful for their growth and appreciate their active movements. This time, we had a much better look at their feet with toes (yes all 10 on each child) and their faces! Oh wow! They are so cute, chubby and absolutely perfect! Yes, I am biase and not ashame of it.

The icing on the cake was when the sonographer told us that our babies are the same size as singletons at this gestational age! Wow, just when I thought our babies are slightly smaller due to the compact size of my belly...each baby weighs 1.1kg~ there you have it, people, I am carrying 2.2kgs worth of babies in wonder the fainting and breathelessness!

I love touching my belly, feeling their movements and having conversations with them. They are the absolutely sunshine of my life and I will do whatever I can to hold them in me for the next 10 weeks.

Thank you God for gifting us these miracles and also for creating science so that our dream for a family is possible. Amen.

Friday, February 11, 2011

27 weeks, 1 day and very sleepy

Blind me! I cannot believe how tired I am. Actually, I can. I so desperately need a nap right now and wish I have a mattress underneath the table that I can crawl and lie on it.

My babies are zapping me of every remaining ounce of energy - they must need a lot to grow at the rate they are. My stomach feels like its permanently full and bloated due to its hardness. I am wadding like a slow moving duck and everything takes a little longer to accomplish with my burgeoning physical being especially in the digestion department. Yes, I am still terribly constipated and have been since the 4th week of pregnancy.

Despite that, I love touching my bump especially when the babies are active as they remind me of the immense honor and privilege of being their mummy. A role I've been wishing, hoping and praying earnestly for the past 4 years.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

27 Weeks and Panting...

Today marks the 27th week of gestation with our twins and it is becoming more of a physical struggle with each passing week (no surprises there!).

In fact, one such exhaustive episode took place yesterday (yes, the eve of the 27th week) on the morning train into the office. I was sitting on the train and had just passed the South Brisbane station when an unfamiliar discomfort took over - my hearing dimished, feeling physically unwell, breaking out in cold sweat, etc. I knew then and there that I was going to experience another fainting episode just like the one two weeks ago while lying in bed watching the Australian Open. I was so ill and uncomfortable that I was almost incline to press the red emergency button on the train which will result in delays on my train line as the train will have to stop, telling the male communter sitting across from me and witnessing the horror on his face, etc. I chose to do neither and instead breathed in and out, got up steadily on my feet when my train disembarked at Central Station where I walked up the hill very slowly to fill my lungs with 'fresh' air. To cut the long story short, I rang the boss who ran down the hill to meet and walk with me up to the office, rang the husband who picked me up an hour later and I spent the next 4 hours sleeping in bed and another 2 hours just lazing in bed because I was still not feeling up to it.

Tomorrow is my last day at work for the next 13 months and it is with mixed emotions that I leave work for now, I am also relief that I am able to do so because I really need the rest and 'operate' at a much slower pace.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

26 Weeks (First Day of CNY): When will my baby rabbits be born?

Today is a special day for us chinese because it's the first day of the Lunar Chinese New Year. Even though we don't celebrate it here in Brisbane like we would back in Singapore, this particular day holds much special meaning to us. It's the 26th week of gestation for both our babies.

I met with the Obstetrician earlier in the week and he used a doppler to check their heart-rate (which was music to my ears), it was during that visit that he told me that they have turned around (yet again). The so-called fist movements that I have been experiencing via my daughter is in fact, her head! My son's heart rate has also increased which signals increased activity. Oh, I love them both so much.

With each passing day, I am feeling the physical strain of pregnancy - the breathelessness, constipation (yes it does not seem to want to leave), crankiness (must be the heat + breathelessness), low energy level (there are two babies in me afterall), heart working harder (with +30% blood volume), etc. I am able to sleep without difficulty each night however sleep has become interrupted as I move to work out more comfortable positions to accomodate all three of us (excluding the husband and the cat).

Each passing day also signals the end of work for me. There's only 7 more working days before I go on maternity leave and it is with mixed feelings, naturally, since I have been here for 8 years!

As one chapter closes (for now - with work), another one is about to open with parenthood. I wonder if I will meet my babies in 10 weeks or 12 weeks time.

Will they have a full head of black hair, blonde hair or red hair?
Will they fart like their father (loud and proud)?
Will they have loud voices (like me)?
Will they look into my eyes with love and admiration (I will be)?
Will they know my voice and be comforted by it?

There are a few things I know for sure:
  • I will do whatever it takes to keep them incubating in me for as long as possible so long as it is for their best well-being
  • I love them with my entire being and will do everything and anything possible for them
  • I am head over heels in love with them and their father who has been my pillar of strength, inspiration, support...