Friday, December 24, 2010

20 Weeks 1 Day: Feeling the pokes from my daughter

About two nights ago while watching some DVD movie at home, I felt a most peculiar albeit gentle poke on my right abdomen. Just as well I was sitting still or else, I would have missed it. I was speechless for a good 3 minutes with Jared none the wiser next to me. I encouraged it to poke again by pressing it gently and there it came again. After that, nothing. Cheeky little girl!

I've been looking forward to this magical moment. Many books as well as internet resources have stated that I will be feeling 2 weeks ago! Oh well, once again, every pregnancy is different and mine sure has defined most of the stereotypical symptoms!

Last night while lying in bed at 10:30pm, I felt the poke once again. This time there were a few more pokes! I was absolutely thrilled because I can feel it on my hand when I placed it next to the spot where it first took place. It was such a thrilling feeling! It kept me awake for another hour because I want it to happen again!!!

Oh my little girl. I love you so much. I look forward to more pokes from her and also her brother when he grows a little bigger (he's the smaller of the both of them).

I feel so bless. Poke Poke Poke...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

19 weeks

Officially, 19 weeks as of today. Yesterday, we underwent the 19th week Morphology Scan at Queensland Ultrasound for Women.

The Sonographer who was assigned to us had just returned from holidays and all their ultrasound machines have also been upgraded in her absence hence she struggled through the 2 hour scan for a variety of reasons. Therefore, the scans weren't brilliant this time.

We were slightly annoyed but patient and kind, as usual. We saw our developing children and they are well. All their organs are functioning well and they are active even though I have not felt the movements myself.

It was wonderful that there was nothing sinister and both babies are growing well according to their gestational ages. So far so good. Here are some 4D scans of both children for your viewing pleasure:

Our son with arms up around his face - his sleeping pose exactly like his dad!

Our daughter was very active during the scan - hence only a good shot of her beautifully developing ear which looks suspiciously like her dad's slightly crinkly ear!

Our daugher again - this time it looks like she's telling her to keep quiet!

It would appear that they have inherited some physical attributes from their dad however I am certainly they will inherit my great skin and beauty!

Our next scan will be held on my 27th week of pregnancy and it falls on Valentine's Day!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Wet Weekend in Brisbane

It was yet another wet weekend in Brisbane so what does two parents-to-be do? Essentials Browsing for the Twins! (yet again)...

This weekend, we checked out more strollers and are impressed with the 'Baby Jogger' brand specifically its range in City Mini and City Select because:

  • They are lightweight (in the twin category) - even I can lift them!
  • They collapse flat in one swift motion - even I can do that!
  • They assemble in one swift motion - even I can do that!
  • They are rather stylish looking - we must look good too!
Then we checked out more cots and change tables, etc. My-oh-my, there are so many choices!

We have not bought anything as yet and will wait till January next year. I have a list of the essentials, here goes:

  • 2 Cots plus 4 sets of bedding (2 sets for each) including flat sheets, cotton blanklets, woollen blankets
  • 2 baby capsules for traveling in the car (to be rented from the Queensland Ambulance). This is suitable from newborns - 6 months of age
  • 4 swaddle blankets (2 for each of them) to keep them nicely wrapped up
  • 4 bath towels plus 4 face towels plus toiletries
  • 1 bath support to be placed in large laundry tub for bath times
  • 24 newborn clothes - combination of jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, mittens, socks, hats, singlets, etc
  • I change table stocked with 150 diapers (weekly), 2 bottles of wet ones, 2 bottles of lotion, 2 bottles of baby powder
  • 4 plastic milk bottles for water
  • 12 Cotton clothes for drapping over shoulders while burping
  • 1 twin stroller
  • 1 nappy bag for going out

Am I missing anything else?! My brain is losing it....

Friday, December 10, 2010

18 Weeks 1 Day

Ahhhh...yes, I am going to gush about my babies and this pregnancy. I love them so much and they have been such a wonderful source of comfort, assurance, gratefulness and blessedness.

We are in the midst of working out what names to give them and who would have thought it would be this difficult or even contentious?! At the rate we are going, I wouldn't be surprise if they remain unnamed until we see their faces and check out their personalities!

The belly has continued to grow - some people tell me that I look small for my gestational age whereelse, I think I resemble a big watermelon! Oh well, so long as the doctors tell me that their growth are on track with their gestational age - I shall learn not to take comments about the lack of my size affect me any other way except in happiness and gratefulness that they are the right size!

We have also started checking out baby 'stuff' and there are so many on the market! I quite literally get a headache just thinking about it! thing I know for certain is the importance of a safe cot with good quality mattress that is inline with the Australian Standards and car safety seats with the same safety accreditation. Other than that, everything else like clothes, toys, etc - I do not intend on spending too much money on because they grow out too quickly and seriously, babies couldn't care less what they wear!

Yes, I am quite a practical kind of a mum. I suppose having had to wait for 5 years has wisen me up! It's not the material posessions that make a family - it's the time, patience and love that makes a family, a true family.

We are so grateful to be gifted this opportunity.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All Clear!

I went for a routine monthly appointment with the Obstetrician yesterday and he had received the full result from Mater Pathology following the Amnio test last week. It's all good! We knew from the initial call last week that all will be well however hearing it from our Obstetrician cemented that reality for us.

We are very, very grateful that both babies are developing well and healthy. The best news every parent desires and we are so grateful to be one of those parents.

Here's a collage of Ultrasounds and 4D scans taken at 12 and 16 weeks respectively:

Twin #1 at 12 weeks - gorgeous button nose and pouty lips

Twin #2 at 12 weeks - with legs up and mouth opened

Here is the both of them side by side at 12 weeks

Twin #1 with strong straight spine at 16 weeks

Twin #2 with strong straight spine at 16 weeks

 4D ultrasound of Twin #1 at 16 weeks - shy and discreet as always

4D ultrasound of Twin #2 at 16 weeks - boisterous and
looks like he's praying

4D ultrasound of Twin #2 at 16 weeks - check out that handsome face and head of black hair!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

17 weeks and GREAT news!

I am officially 17 weeks or should I say, my babies are officially 17 weeks young.

After 5 weeks of wondering the 'what ifs' and contemplating heart-wrenching decisions, I underwent an Amnio with twin #2 (my boy) two days ago.

Today, 48 hours later, as promised, Dr Gregg who performed the procedure rang and delivered the kind of news that all parents want / need - he is perfectly formed and healthy (all the chromosomal numbers are perfect)! A deep sense of gratefulness and relief washed over me.

Words are simply inadequate in expressing the depth of my emotions.

I thank our Heavenly Father for holding my follicles -> embryos -> fetuses firmly in his hands so that they will continue their growth.

HE has gifted me so abundantly and I shall never ever take my children for granted. When the going gets tough, I will always recount the journey that I've been on and know deep down, how very bless and lucky both Jared and I are in being gifted parenthood.

We love both our children very dearly - look forward to their amazing development, embrace them in our arms when the time is ripe, love and support them through their journey through life.

Next scan: In 2 weeks time when they are 19 weeks young!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last day of 16 weeks and full of Thanksgiving

Wow! Today is my last day of the 16th week journey. It has been full of ups and downs - it has never been dull. Throughout this journey, I have been so blessed to have an intimate network of friends and family who have supported us unconditionally.

There's so much to be thankful for as this miraculous pregnancy commences its 17th week.

I am acutely aware of how very bless and lucky we are to be pregnant, let alone twins. There are so many couples out there who desire a family just like us and for many of them, this dream may not be fulfilled due to reasons beyond anyone's control. To them, I pray daily that their dream isn't too far away and that, they too will be bless with a family they can call their own. That they continue to have the courage and strength to continue / discontinue their journey with their marriages in tact.

Yesterday, we saw the babies at the scan which took over 2 hours. It was with a level of stress before we started because we have been carrying with us an 'unknown' for the last 4 weeks. However, when we saw how much they have grown, we were silent by their commitment to us and their well-being. Both have fully functional organs and one is in fact, a boy! It was a positive experience for all of us.

I underwent an Amniocentesis Test with the boy who may have an 'unknown' and my girlfriend, Bronwyn, held my hand through the procedure, which  made it much easier. Before the Dr left us, he told us that his hunch tells him that all will be well with both babies.

It's the kind of assurance all parents want and desire to have. We will know preliminary results tomorrow and full results in about 8 days time.

In the meanwhile, we will continue our prayers for them to continue their growth so that we may be joined as one family next year!

We love them both dearly and we have all been blessed from the one above.