Thursday, February 24, 2011

29 weeks of Gestation and 7 more weeks before birth!

Yippeee!!! 29 weeks as of today and both babies are growing well and active! In fact, the boy is more active than the girl - perhaps, he's got my hyper gene afterall!

The 3D scans were very interesting because we can kinda make out their features - one thing for certain, they are both very cute, sport chubby cheeks and have long feet! The girl has gorgeous delicate features such as a define nose (like her dad) and the boy has a flat squishy chinese nose like mine!

Regardless, they are both healthy, active and well - all parents desire that.

When I asked the Obstetrician this weeks at our fortnightly appointment when he anticipates their arrival, he looks at me - looks at the chart and unceremoniously declares, "At 36 weeks!" I sat dumbfounded because I have always been of the view that 38 weeks is full-term for twins. Oh well, he knows what he's doing and so far, he has been SPOT ON with my progress.

Am I nervous about labour? Yes and No.

Yes because of the pain and the unknown however I am assured that the medical team will know what they re doing and I am afterall, giving birth at one of Brisbane's leading hospitals which prides itself on having all the mod cons and also I have been there on two separate occassions for other surgeries and both times, I have been so well looked after.

No because it is part of pregnancy and I have been looking forward to motherhood.

I believe all parents will attest that labour is the easy part, it is the nurturing and upbringing of the child or in this case, children that will be the hardest on so many levels and I am looking forward to it.

Please GOD, let me have easy children who will obey my every word!!!!

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