Monday, March 21, 2011

32 Weeks, 4 Days: A Never-Ending Rock Concert from Within

Time seems to go by so slowly since there isn't much to do at home and perhaps I should just confess and state that I am in no mood to do anything more than the essential requirements. Day time television programming is drain on my intellect, the hordes of books on my bookcases have been re-read umpteen times are now very predictable, pre-recordered shows I have watched so many times I now know the dialogue, etc...

Sorry for the whinge. One thing for certain, I am very bless. Bless to not have to fulfill work obligations and a husband who does not berate me for doing little - in fact, he's been more than understanding and wonderful.

We saw the Obstetrician today for our routine fortnightly appointment and once again, it was rather uneventful. The usual complaint from me about being breatheless - the Dr smiled and told me that there's nothing he can do to fix that! Gee...thanks! hahahaha

Babies' heart rates check out fine and yes, I am doing well.

The never-ending Rock Concert from within my belly led by two lead 'drummers' more appropriately known as my children have been keeping me amused, uncomfortable, body temperature hot, inability to slumber at night and constantly breatheless.

Yes, it is annoyingly tough and amusing assuring all at the same time. One thing for certain, yes, I seem to enjoy using this term, I am grateful for them. Grateful that they are active & well.

I shall continue to count down and every night I am unable to slumber draws them a day closer to being born...I shall remind myself that.

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