Wednesday, April 6, 2011

34 weeks, 7 days: Counting Down

I underwent my last ultrasound scan at 34 weeks last Friday and all is well with the children. They are growing on track and combined weight is 9lbs 13oz! Yes, its quite amazing that I am carrying that amount of weight! We are please that they are of good sizes too! Our daughter weighs 5lbs 1oz (2.3kg) and our son weighs 4lbs 12oz (2.1kg).

On the following Monday, we saw the Obstetrician for our weekly check up and he assured us that all is well and then he dropped the bombshell:

 "You can have your babies next Friday (15th April at 36 weeks) if you like!"

(Speechless for a few seconds)
"Isn't that a bit too early?!"

"Not at all.
They are a good size and that's the average timeframe Twins are being born. Since you have opted for elective Caesarean, you can choose.
It can be next Friday, Good Friday (only for emergency cases), or 29th April (that's your absolute last date)."

Ok. I plan to keep them in me for as long as possible so we play it by ear based on our weekly appointments?

Yes. Let's do that. In the meanwhile, take this Indemnity Form home.
Read it thoroughly, sign it and bring it back next Monday when I see you.


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