Monday, April 18, 2011

One more sleep ...

Wow! I cannot believe that it's just one more sleep before I get to meet and hold my babies in my arms! It's been such a long time coming and I am so grateful that it's finally happening! The last 5 days have seen me rather tired and ravenous - yes, ravenous! I have been gorging on corn chips topped with cheese and salsa or anything "naughty". The babies are sure expanding a lot of energy, surely they must know something is up!

I received a call from the Obstetrician's room today informing me that we are to head to the hospital earlier tomorrow for the elective caesearean. Instead of 1:45pm, it will be 1:00pm. That means, I will be wheeled into the operating theatre fully-awaked at 3:00pm instead of 3:45pm and the babies will be born sometime after 3:15pm instead of 4:00pm! Wow! I am going to be a REAL mummy and will be my babies for the FIRST TIME!

I am so excited, grateful and relief that it's all coming together and happening in such an orderly manner.

Jared and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful marriage and great friendship with each other. We both know how deeply blessed we are with our miracle twins and will cherish them for the rest of our lives.

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